Write something worth reading.

What I can do for you

I help people who help people—therapists, trainers, teachers, and anyone else looking to establish an online presence with world-class content.

We’ll create something that’s:

Beautifully written

And beautifully designed. I take the craft of content seriously.

Thoroughly researched

But emotionally compelling too. They’ll feel it in their bones as well as their brains.

Search engine optimized

From the ground up. SEO is not magic—and I won’t sell it to you like it is.


There is art in analytics. I don’t just write pretty words, I create strategies backed by numbers.

What I can’t do for you

Make you a better writer overnight
I can help improve your writing, but I’m not in the business of polishing turds. You’ll get out of this what you put into it.

Make you a viral sensation
But I do know how to write evergreen content that generates steady traffic over time. This is a far better strategy than swinging for one-hit wonders.

Tell you everything is going to be okay
Look, it probably isn’t, alright? But we can write about that too.

What I’ve done so far

Content Geek for Mark Manson

Yes, that Mark Manson. When I started working with Mark in 2014, he had a fast-growing cult following on his blog and a scrappy self-published book on dating.

Here’s a quick list of what I’ve helped him do since then:

  • Sold 11+ million books
  • 5x’d email subscriber list
  • Tripled organic search traffic
  • 10x’d overall social media following
  • Grew a yuuuuge paid monthly subscriber base

…and counting

Some other totally random but kind of cool stuff I’ve done

Slate Magazine – Anti-Vax Data Analyses in California

Renee DiResta is an award-winning journalist who writes on movements of misinformation. Needless to say, she’s busy these days. Before she was going on big-name podcasts like Making Sense, with Sam Harris, and the Joe Rogan Experience, I helped her with the data analysis in this article.

Kairios Values Survey

I consulted on a new scoring scheme for their values survey. They use it in consulting with large organizations like universities and corporations.


I met Paul Austin in 2016 when I was vagabonding through Mexico. He had just started this weird little side project called “The Third Wave” and needed help writing guides on psychedelics. I had a background in neuroscience and a piqued curiosity for something weird. He paid me in airline miles. It was so much fun.

My Previous Life in Brains and Behavior

I started my career in behavioral neuroscience. I studied early development, pair bonding, and the neurobiology of stress.

I was one of the weirdos who enjoyed writing more than doing the actual science. So check out my publications.

Other things I’m good at

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I’ve immersed myself in the art and science of SEO for several years now. I’m mostly self-taught, but I keep up to date with the fantastic ClickMinded SEO course.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a monster that I’ve learned to tame over the years. Installation, configuration, building reports, goal tracking, and so on.


I’m not a developer or web designer, but I can pull my weight in designing web pages that look good. For example, I developed and designed the site you’re on now.


I’ve been using WordPress for over a decade. I can do everything from installation to plugin management to basic design changes and even simple theme development.

Nerdy Spreadsheets

I make spreadsheets my bitch.


A/B testing, Chi-Square Analysis, ANOVA, Regression, and others.

Work with Me

Single Page Teardown
You’ll get my written recommendations plus an hour-long phone consultation for one article/page up to 3,000 words.

Minimum project budget:

Writing Projects
I can help you write articles/blog posts, emails, ebooks, white papers, letters to your long-lost love, and more.

Minimum project budget:

Content Plans
My specialty. We’ll develop an end-to-end content strategy that lets your core philosophies shine. The goal is to create a system that generates evergreen content to grow an engaged, targeted audience.

Minimum project budget:

what are you waiting for?

Tap that little red button and let’s see if we’re a good fit.